Inequalities in life expectancy: how the UK compares

Although life expectancy is often compared across countries, less well known is how inequalities in life expectancy within the UK compare with those in other countries. Comparing the extent of inequalities between countries is complex, but it can be useful and may help policymakers to identify policies that could reduce inequalities in health.

Let’s fix the housing crisis: Delivering a long-term plan for housing

Monopoly House on a Calculator

National Housing Federation are launching a new report Let’s fix the housing crisis: delivering a long-term plan for housing. It is a call for an ambitious, long-term plan to fix the housing crisis.   

The aim of this report is to set out in more detail what they mean by a long-term plan for housing, and details how they think a plan could be implemented by the next government. It is aimed at key party influencers and manifesto writers and sets out how, through committing to a long-term plan for housing, the government can end the housing emergency and shows what this will mean for the people affected. 

Catastrophic caps – An analysis of the impact of the two-child limit and the benefit cap

In the benefit system, entitlement and need are intertwined: the greater the need, the more benefit income a family is usually entitled to receive. But in the 2010s, two policies were introduced that delinked entitlement and need by limiting the amount of benefits some families could receive: the benefit cap in 2013, and the two-child limit in 2017. At present, nearly half a million families are hit by at least one of these policies. Although the benefit cap affects out-of-work families only, this is not the case for the two-child limit, and six out of ten families affected by the two-child limit today contain at least one adult that is in work.

Closure of high street banks: Impact on local communities

There has been a decline in the number of bank branches in operation in the UK over the last three decades. This has reportedly impacted many people, including those with disabilities, older people and those living in rural areas. In recent years, the government has sought to mitigate the impact of branch closures by introducing legislation containing provisions to protect access to cash services and publishing a policy statement outlining its minimum expectations to banks regarding services being removed or changed.