What if I need emergency or temporary accommodation? 

Torbay Council has a duty to provide accommodation for some households with vulnerable members, though you must continue to look for your own accommodation if you are granted a temporary option.

An overview of emergency and temporary accommodation

The council only provides emergency housing if you’re homeless now or when you become homeless. 

You can ask them for help before you become homeless (e.g. if your landlord issues a warning); this will give them time to assess your situation and help you find an alternative to your situation.

Emergency and temporary accommodation could be a bed and breakfast or another facility they have sourced to meet this duty.

If you are in emergency accommodation, it’s important to continue looking for longer term options. The council will expect you to be looking at all options to secure this.

What are the rules about emergency accommodation?

You must observe all the house rules of the accommodation, and stick to the terms of the license agreement that you will sign before moving in.

Breaking the terms of this agreement may put your accommodation at risk.

If Torbay Council accept a homeless duty to your household (if they decide you’re eligible for assistance) this can be discharged by an offer appropriate accommodation from either the social or private sector.

Are there any emergency accommodation charges?

Whist in temporary accommodation provided by Torbay Council, you will be charged a small weekly ‘Top Up Fee’ for your accommodation.

This will be discussed with you at your homeless application and detailed in the ‘Temporary Accommodation Licence Agreement’ that you and your housing officer will sign at your appointment.

What should I do next?

Before you make a decision about your housing situation, make sure you’re fully informed about your options. Take a look at these resources: