As the UK finalises preparations to leave the European Union, the immediate priority will remain supporting an orderly transition post-exit. The FCA will also continue to play a leading role in shaping the global regulatory framework working with other national regulators and international bodies.

The Business Plan outlines four ongoing cross-sector priorities:

  • Work on firms’ culture and governance, including extending the Senior Managers and Certification Regime to all firms.
  • Ensuring the fair treatment of firms’ existing customers by monitoring firms’ practices, including the information they give prospective and current customers.
  • Developing the work being done on operational resilience, which will play a vital role in protecting the UK’s financial system.
  • Combating financial crime and improving anti-money laundering practices, by enhancing the use of technology and data, as well as engaging with multiple agencies and government bodies.

The plan also sets out three additional cross-sector priorities, which have longer time horizons:

  • the future of regulation
  • ensuring innovation and the use of data work in consumers’ interests
  • examining the intergenerational challenge in financial services

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